Meet the Team

Jessica Ramirez

Jessica Ramirez , Class of 2016

Committee Chair


In 2016, a few WCE alumni gathered for lunch and talked about how much we missed WCE; the teams, the outings, faculty and so much more. Little did I know, we were soon going to form what we know as WCE Alumni Network.


This year, my role with WCEAN is Committee Chair (a pretty word for team leader and dreamer of bringing people together to meet a desire goal). By day, I am an Account Executive for a footwear company, and on weekends and evenings, I am my mother’s go-to on her entrepreneurial endeavors, helper of a tiny home bus conversion, and re-seller of unwanted fashion goods and apparel.


I hope the foundation we build over time can be the resource to help alumni start and sustain their own business, while having a community of friends that one can rely on.

Joshua Jackson , Class of 2015


My earliest memories have always been focused on building communities and businesses; The WCEAN gives me the opportunity to accomplish both. My current role within the WCEAN is to ensure that all Alumni of the program are aware of our mission and to find creative ways to foster engagement.


I’ve always placed an emphasis on the authentic human development and the power of communication and vision in a work environment . My working background is as diverse as they come. I’ve tutored for Kumon, instructed swimming as a certified lifeguard, repossessed cars, as well as managed restaurants and commercial properties.


I did not enter the WCE with the expectation that I would own a business on a specific timeline or in a certain industry. What attracted me to the Wolff Center was equal parts the quality of education and the holistic approach to molding the best students into amazing people first, fantastic entrepreneurs second. I look forward to working within our exclusive community to find new and creative ways to provide value to this world.  

Joshua Jackson