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Executive Committee

The Executive Leadership Committee evolves and grows every year to better serve alumni and stakeholders. We are thrilled to have determined alumni propel generations of entrepreneurs with our organization’s core values Growth, Innovation, Community, and Leadership.

To Join WCEAN Leadership


The role of the Executive Leadership Committee is to fulfill the goals and mission of WCEAN:


To propel generations of entrepreneurs to build authentic relationships, lead with purpose, and make dreams a reality.

We are a volunteer-based nonprofit organization and each Executive Leadership Committee is required to serve the next 2-year terms which ends July 1st, 2023. This gives your team enough time for planning and executing your goals. 

To continue the alumni engagement we have established, we request the new Leadership Committee to execute at least 2 events a year that fulfill our mission and goals. Former executive directors will provide you with the tools and knowledge to lead and make a greater impact. The main focus for your team will be funding and onboarding alumni to the new Membership Portal (coming soon!).


We have potential partners and alumni who are interested in creating a business grant and competition, but it will be up to you on what kind of legacy your team would like to create.

Other minor requirements: 

  • Must be a graduate of the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship. 

  • Ability to make things happen (even if it's virtual).

  • Entrepreneurial and creative instincts are always needed.

Application Process

To apply for a position on the WCEAN Leadership Team, follow these steps:


  1. Submit your application by June 25th, 2021.

  2. Schedule your virtual interviews:

    • July (6/28 - 7/9)

  3. Announcements of the new Executive Leadership Committee will be announced  July 28, 2021

  4. The new term for the 2021 - 2023 Executive Leadership Committee begins after on-boarding and training.

  5. A hybrid Onboarding and Training Day will be on a Saturday of July or August 2021

WCEAN Leadership Roles


Executive Director

Great for someone interested in leading a team and executing strategies that raise money for entrepreneurs. 


Membership director

Great for anyone who isn't afraid to call fellow alumni to help volunteer to an event or just learn what they are up to. 


marketing director

Great for someone interested in learning the ins and outs of managing a marketing department.


events director

Perfect for the individual who loves to host and bring people together for a value-driven purpose. 


Finance Director

Number cruncher and budget coordinator who isn't afraid to make a call to business for sponsorship opportunities.


WCE student Liaison

Best for a Senior WCE Student who wants to network with alumni prior to graduation and communicate strategies to support the student and program needs.

WCEAN Presents:



Learn more about applying to the WCEAN Executive Leadership Committee, and how you can get more involved in the organization that propels generations of entrepreneurs.